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Next generation payment gateway powered by Ethereum provides the tools necessary to easily integrate Ethereum-powered payments into nearly every eCommerce solution available, while shielding merchants against market volatility risks.


Ecommerce plugins

Use our available plugins and add Ethereum-powered payments to any of the most popular eCommerce solutions.

Payment Buttons

Instantly embed a "Buy Now" button onto any site, zero coding experience required.

Developer API

Integrate Ethereum-powered payments in your website or application using our powerful and flexible API.

"Bitcoin’s Rival : Ethereum’s Rapid Rise"

"Ethereum, a Virtual Currency, Enables Transactions That Rival Bitcoin’s"

The New York Times

"Etherised : Bitcoin’s resurgence may be short-lived"

The Economist

Digital money

Your customers will be able to pay invoices with Ether, the Ethereum network native currency, and a growing list of Ethereum-based tokens.

No delays

On the Ethereum network, transactions reach a fully confirmed status in less than 5 minutes.

Smart contracts powered

Smartex invoices are backed by a sophisticated infrastructure of smart contracts that guarantees a high level of security.

World ready

Price your invoices in 150 currencies and connect with customers from all around the world.

Flat fees

Receive USD, EUR or GBP in your bank account for a flat 1% fee per transaction, no hidden costs.

Realtime exchange rates

Invoice pricing is determined on real-time quotes, obtained from the best exchanges.


Easy-to-install plugins are available for popular eCommerce platforms
Smartex WHMCS plugin


smartex Woocommerce plugin


Smartex Magento plugin


Smartex Prestashop plugin


Smartex OpenCart plugin


Smartex Virtuemart/joomla plugin


Accept digital payments on any website or application

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